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Updates and fixes

Post  Admin on Tue Aug 12, 2008 12:12 pm

08 september

* Fix of SPELL_FOCUS GO (like Campfires) linked to another GO

* fix for data packet in Character forced renaming

* reverted check from r966 which broke all post-mortem auras like Spirit or Redemption or night elf Wisp form
Don't mess with the dead!

* infront check for ice lance, stormstrike and last rank of wrath

- Shadowform (Canceling Shadowform will not remove buffs)
Thank you whoami,you saved my time Very Happy.

Fixed error when saving hunter pet
07 september

we had some small fixes that i didn't mention here, i'll post only the important stuff Smile

Fixed bug/exploit with disenchanting, if the item would give no loot it would fail and the item wouldn't have gone, so u could logout and redisenchant it Wink

* Applied mana tap fix
* Crashfix

* Fix ipbans table, the expire column is no longer used as a timestamp since the emulator saves the expire time in unixtime format.

04 september

idol of terror procs on self now
Some bugfixes:
* Negative auras could persist after player dies
* Don't apply auras to death units
* Dispel shoulnd't be able to remove Ice Block
Dual wielding miss chance was not getting applied corretly, now it works ok

Applied Kenjiro's melee range fix

2 september

Fixed bug with warlocks when dismounting/logging out with a pet, while being specced at demonology with Demonic Knowledge

Added a check to see if the player is logging into an instance that doesn't exists anymore, it will prevept talents breaking up if that happens

Now you can read from your stats.xml file(s) and display them with ease on your website! =D

*ObjectForm would spawn Object #1 if no number was specified. Now it checks for a number and gives an error message if no number is specified.

*Also fixed a few Tab button errors on the ItemForm.

Added Blizzard's WoW Launcher site. It is what you see whenever you start up the launcher. It directly ripped from launcher.worldofwarcraft.com and also includes 21 thumbs and 60 backgrounds.

Images were wrongly named. Now it's Blizzlike. :-P

commented code out to not create confusion

Problem : Improved Blink buff doesn't appear.

How to reproduce : Create Mage level 70, insert 2 points on Improved Blink on "Arcane", then spell Blink and look for buff

Patch : This patch shows Improved Blink effect correctly on your buffs if you have 1 or 2 talent points on "Improved Blink - Arcane" (SpellFixes.cpp)

1 september
- Mob immunity for MECHANIC_ASLEEP
- Increased chain aggro range to 10yard

Crashfix for http://arcemu.org/forums/index.php?showtopic=3832

- Spells with target 57 (Targeted Party Member) can be now again casted on your pet while not in group

- Removed Seal of Vengeance from BE
- Added spell Summon Charger (100% mount) to Paladins

+ many more small fixes

31 august
addition to r893 - Character/PVP titles:
- .character settitle X for adding titles to players (X = 0 removes all titles, X > 0 adds title corresponding to X, X < 0 removes title X )
- you can gain PVP title based on reputation (NTY)
- loading of CharTitles.dbc is not necessary yet, commented out for now
- known titles are stored as uint64, REQUIRES SQL UPDATE

* factions updated

* some cleanups: double function returning standing status; double IsInWorld check; duelWield -> dualWield;

- disabled respawn of crates inside instances wich dont contain questloot
* a smsg when gaining titles + moved function to cpp - though still cant get client to show first gained title without restart Sad
- Removing Combat from raid instance when a boss is killed
* rewrote reputation handling using dbc reputation flags
* this will affect only new characters atm but i will commit tool which repair old characters asap
* ritual of summoning works again
* btw, arcemu's spell target system really sucks Razz
* Feign Death - should not interrupt casting of all players around
* Idol of the Unseen Moon - proc fix by UnknowN-TerroR,
-increased Boss Hp regen
Who list should display 49 folks and not 50.
Thanks Marktaawan for point this out. Easy fix, yay Very Happy

Testing stable branch

28 august

shutdown console command now can be issued with fast as parameter, it will .saveall and exit(0), should help devs that don't have much time to test stuff and have slow pcs Razz
* Scare Beast has diminishing returns
Dealer the Builder
Can he fix it?!

- players can now uninvite offline group members again

This correct the distance of melee combat

actually it's 2 yards in the emu

but here says it's 5 yards http://www.wowwiki.com/Melee
this patch change the life of all melee clases in pvp

- added code for neutral guards (aka anti pvp guards for example in booty bay)
- mobs in instances should not unaggro now

Added checks for groups and arenateams tables, to avoid crashes

Added arena sets group relations. NTY

tried to make a temp fix for the exploit when players stay immune if they get some immunity aura after death. Proper fix would be to not let this happen. (could not reproduce it to see how it happens)

pvp titles can be seen by other players too.
I wonder if this patch ruins titles. If not working then blame that enum changed from flags to values.

- GAMEOBJECT_TYPE_SPELLCASTER (Portals, soul wells etc) can now only be used be self or players in your group

26 august

* auras triggered by an item are removed when unequipping this item (by 669)
* small check for Sword Specialization
crashfix in ai_interface

mostly finished mob combat stance code. there 2 problems atm :
1) if you are in combat and 2nd player comes in visibility range he will still see mob as non combat stance
2) sometimes mob gets buget and does not show combat stance after all :S. I'm sure i miss something simple here ( maybe mob changed target ?)

Illidan is sending me regards. He's hands got sooooo tired to draw he's sword 30 times / minute Very Happy (that is like 900 times on 1 raid ? Very Happy )

26 august

Code cleaning
- RemoveCombatInProgress will now be called if you despawn a boss via script
- enabling re summon pet after unmount for other classes than hunter (Warlock/Mage)
- stealth effect now wont break when vanish fades
- Many spell fixces
- [Paladin] Crusader Strike shouldn't proc Seal of Command, as stated on wowhead

Added noproc flag for SpellEntry
players that are logging out should stop spamming repeatspell to avoid crashes. What are the ods to get this ?

grrr, i need a vacation Sad
patch from greyfox :
- normal items and containers are not deleted the same way. This should solve a lot of item related crashes
- player logout is not instant to be able to process delayed packets (crashfix)

there was a very very small chance that player is added to multiple map managers. This was defenetly not wanted. NTY

working or not working, this is how it should be done Very Happy
Should make mobs take out weapon and take up combat stance
It's NTY Razz

- disabled soul stone/reincarnation in arena
Reverted Winter's Chill commit, as it makes it proc on fire spells as well, the real problem is elsewhere, gotta look into it later
[Mage] Winter's Chill yet again, proper fix now Very Happy
- Deadly Throw Interrupt (arena set bonus)
- fixed 2 compile warnings

- Windfury totem wont overwrite poisons/normal Windfury now

- Mystical Skyfire Diamond

- Demonic Sacrifice

August 21

CharTitles.dbc is now loaded - patch from ticket #83
- ID: entry in the DBC file
- name: the name of the title (ex: "%s of the Shattered Sun")
- bit_index: number to bitshift with to get the mask used for the title fields.

Crash fix ported from AspireCore.

You cannot parry, block or dodge from behind, ported from AspireCore.

* Fix for WSG alliance speed buff, ported from AspireCore.

Null check for bgtype, ported from AspireCore.

* Exploit fix for casting spells that require you to be in stealth while you're not in stealth, ported from AspireCore.

* Misc fixes for EoTS, ported from AspireCore. NTY.

* Misc fixes for AB, ported from AspireCore.

* Exploit fix, Soulbound items duping, ported from AspireCore.

* Memory leak fixes from Andy.

* Porting some fixes from Ascent SVN. We should all work together;/. Credits to Andy. NTY, compiles fine, I will be testing all these fixes in a few minutes.

* Misc EoTS fixes, I can't remember where I found this...I think on the ArcEmu forums.

* Fixed EoTS a bit. ;p It seems to be working pretty nicely on my server, still looking for bugs.

* Null pointer check to Pet::AddSpell()

Drama, drama, drama..If two projects are going for the same goal, then why should they not share fixes?

* Nagle tweaks, report back on how it effects latency.. I personally think 100 is too low, and even 250. 350 seems about right for it to kick in at.

August 20

* ported forced map cells stuff from Ascent by Andy
* ArcEmu is now compatible with Sun++ again

* priests rejoice, Curse of Tongues duration is reduced in PvP

When players have the deserter aura they are unable to join a battleground until the aura has faded, resolves ticket #116

When you enter a battleground or arena you can cast all spells free for the duration of the preperation or spirit heal auras, resolves ticket #115

Added .setarenateamleader

Applied patch from ticket #116, This should keep NPC's on the ground, regardless if the attacker is flying or not

* Exploit fix for items with negative mods, ticket #52
* Fix for possible exploit in SpellAuraModStat(): case ( stat == -1 ), where you could accumulate exploitable amount of mods

Prettied up the configs a bit more
My previous commit referenced Ticket #116, it should of referenced ticket # 118

crashfix - we should have at least 7-10 hours without crash now

August 19

Fixed BGs score winner display

* Fixed sscanf string to take names with spaces at .createarenateam command
* If an arena team leader leaves the team, and he's the only one player on that team, now the team will get disbanded

Polymorph should be able to cast when not even seeing the player so if you turn your back at an player it should be able to be casted which this patch makes possible.
Polymorph infront fix

Improved battleground queueing code, there will no more matches with 15vs5 players if a faction has more players

Diminishing returns work:
+ added Sleep effect (f.e. item 2091)
+ added Repentance to Sap/Gouge group (1min duration in wotlk anyway)
+ added Enslave Demon to Mind Control group (wotlk 51pt demo Razz)
+ added Banish group (poor trees)
+ added Riposte and Disarm group (ha!)
+ added group spells of which are not diminished but only reduced to 10s in PvP - Hamstring, Freezing Trap (haha!)

* difference in arena rating of 2 teams to be matched in queue can be set via config. It is handy for smaller servers where queues aren't so big that each team always gets an opponent

August 18

Some minor console spam removed unless logging level set to 3 - 0x0f7afc68

Found another path that referenced ascent, removed the voicechat and realmserver projects from the visual studio 2005 projects. (nty)

item initialization patch form greyfox

Reduced speed hack detector default sensibility.

just curious if this helps in a crash.

crashfix for pets

lol, fix exploit for crashing server. We are having an argue with sean over this ? Very Happy

difference in arena rating of 2 teams to be matched in queue can be set via config. It is handy for smaller servers where queues aren't so big that each team always gets an opponent

I'll edit this post with all the updates and fixes i make.

Updates August 15 2008

* Moved instance-ids back to player class. (Will be loaded on login). and please...stop crying...
reorganizing spellproc related stuff.
server lockdowns, my bad
Pet::HandleAutoCastEvent event is using 2 iterators instead of recursive call. Hopefully it stops infinit loop crash

* Pets:
- crasfix attempt http://arcemu.org/forums/index.php?showtopic=2949
- pets should not loose happiness in BGs
- do not loose dead pets

Arenas should count gamesplayed on start, not on join

spellfixes table now has groupRelation0, groupRelation1 and groupRelation2. Converted the groupRelations overrides at SpellFixes.cpp to sql. This way it should be easier to mantain.

Max Honor Points is 75000, http://www.wowwiki.com/Honor_cap#Honor_Cap

Max Arena Points is 5000, as stated in http://www.wowwiki.com/Arena_PvP_system#Arena_Point_Calculation

* Changed instance id arrays to hash_map... slower but uses less memory (ca. 7kb/character)

* applied Pet Trainer patch by Cisien - http://www.arcemu.info/trac/ticket/25
* SBAL applied it only in antihack branch Surprised

* crashfix on server shutdown

* Energy Field Modulator should be castable only on Farahlon Lasher
* cosmetic changes

* Fix for possible overload of uint8 m_auraSlot (didnt see any related bug reports, but lets avoid it)

arcemu-crashreport now checks for uptime, at last 10min, this way we will filter crashes by missing sql updates/wrong configs/etc

Updates August 13 2008

greyfox bufferpool fix. This is a must have fix for stability.

* Energy Field Modulator should be castable only on Farahlon Lasher
* cosmetic changes

tried to add some more info why and how are stuff bugging out. Some day we might get there to actaully catch the sucker. NTY

Pet trainer patch by Cisien

Updates August, 13 2008

Added snare to Bestial Wrath/Beast Within immunity list.

- Quivers, Ammo Pouches and Thori'dal the Star's Fury will no longer stack their haste effects;
- Thori'dal the Star's Fury will no longer receive bonus dps from ammo.

* Changed instance mode handling for groups.

* If a player doesn't have an instance id, the group isn't already assigned to an instance and the group or raid leader already have one, the player will be bound to the instance id of the group/raid leader.
* Added switch into arcemu-world.conf --> Enabled by default.

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