Melody's GM Application.

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Melody's GM Application.

Post  Stephan1988 on Sun Aug 17, 2008 4:18 am

Hi, I want to make an application for beeing a GM.
I want to be a GM for 4 Reasons:
1: I want to help people.
2: Most of the GM's on this server are like never online.
3: Beeing a GM gives you a certain status, which I like.
4: This server RULES!

I'll ask myself a couple of questions for you to see wether you like it or you don't.

1: What's your real name?
Stephan Bosma.

2: Where are you from?
The Netherlands.

3: What languages do you speak?
Dutch, English and German fluently.

4: How much time/day do you spend playing WoW?
I would guess about 7-8-9 Hours.

5: For how long have you been playing WoW?
I'm guessing for about 4 and a half years now.

6: Do you have any experience?
Yes, I do have more experience than most people,
in Antrix, Ascent, ManGos.
I've been a GM on Antrix 2 times, Ascent 3 times, and ManGos 2 times.
I know like 99% of all the commands.

7: Do you like to help people?
Yes I do like that because sometimes I see people screaming for a GM, and I try to help them even though I'm not a GM.

8: How old are you?
16 Years Old.

9: What are you, F or M?
I'm Male.

10: Do you think you have the expierence to become a GM on SinWorld?
I really think I do, I think I have more gameknowledge and commandknowledge than others.

Well I hope you liked it!



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