Usefull infos about tiers and quests!

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Usefull infos about tiers and quests! Empty Usefull infos about tiers and quests!

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Amani Terrace for T10 Quests

Shivar-King alas:
-Essence of Chest (Tier 10 Chest)
-Staff of the Forgotten Gods(The best Caster staves till Sunwell)
-Sword of the Shivar Gods(Useless 2h Sword)
-Shiney's New Mic(Quest Item)
-Token of Legends(2)

Shivar-Prince Sald'aar:
-Essence of Bracers(Tier 10 Bracers)

Shivar Dragon-Lord Nik'ar:
-Essence of Boots{Tier 10 boots)
-Claw of the Shivar Dragon God(Caster Offhand that adds around 5000 Spell Damage and 500 stamina and 500 intellect)

The Kraken(Formerly The Lurker):
Fang of the Lurker(Not really worth it anymore with the addition of Magister's Terrace loots)
Lurker Shield of (Random Enchantment)(One of, if not THE best tanking shield besides donor at this time)[250 Strength, 250 Agility, 350 Stamina, 55 Spirit, 255 Intellect, +100 Health, 50 Resistances to all)

Queen Andalaria: Mostly killed simply for the quest, the cloak is not very useful.
-Shivar Queen Drape
-Token of Legends

-Tabard of the Defilers(?)[+100 to all stats and 3 sockets] Decent Tabard if you dont have Live Event/E4/Donor

Spectral Tiger God:
-The Highly Coveted Spectral Tiger mount drops from this boss.

Shivar Raptor God: The necklace isn't very nice, mostly killed for the quest.
-Shivar Death Beads of Black Death

Shivar Spider God: Yet another boss that drops a pretty much useless necklace, Killed for Same quest as Shivar Raptor God.
-Spider Bone Pendant

Arthas Throne - Lich King: instance to get tier 10 from.

Deathknight Avar:
-Essence of Legs(Tier 10 Legs)
-Death Knight Shield(Not a bad Shield for Healing Paladin, only 7500 armor so not very viable for tanking)
-Death Knight's Blade of Death

Dreadlord Meth'las:
-Essence of Shoulders(Tier 10 Shoulders)
-Dreadlord Exterminate Bow

Jor Deathwhisper:
-Essence of Helm(Tier 10 helm)
-Lich Cloth Cloak

Crypt Lord Anub'Das:-
Essence of Gloves(Tier 10 Gloves)
Crpyt Lord Bone Leg(No not a typo by me, that's the maces name)(Not a *horrible* mace for shamans)

Black Frostwyrm:
-Essence of Belt(Tier 10 Belt)
-Frost Wyrm Tooth(Descent Dagger for rogues)
^Do not get the King Frostwyrm confused with these, You will find these randomly flying over the Lich King zone.

King Frostwyrm:
-Claw of the King Frost Wyrm(Mainhand)(+75 haste, very nice for hunters or shamans)
-Claw of the King Frost Wyrm(Offhand))+75 haste, very nice for hunters)
-Wyrm Head(Quest item)

-Heirloom of Menethil(Shaman Relic?)
-Ring of the Lich King
-Arthas Head(Quest Item)
-Frostmourne(Very Nice Non-Donor 2h sword)

Magister's Enigma Terrace: t11 tokens

Dark Angel Pheonix:
-Light Saber(Artifact Quest Item)
-Kris Crack Pipe (Wand)(Very nice wand for casters, around 5000 spell dmg 200 to all stats and 3 meta sockets)
-Corrupted Shoulders(T11 Shoulders)

Thaddis King:
-Sin' Echo(Nice trinket for a caster or shaman)
-Corrupted Helm(T11 Helm)

Queen Of Fallen's White:
-Swordself's Sword[1.20 Speed 800-1000 Damage +400-600 Damage 1166.7 DPS] [1100 Armor, 300 to all stats, 300 Health, +50 to all resistances, 300 Defense, 600 Attack Power(200 x 3), 959 Spell Damage, Chance On Hit Steal 285-315 Health]
-Corrupted Chestpiece(T11 Chest)

-Movis girly ring
-Corrupted Wristguards(T11 Bracers)

-Shiney's Amulet Of Destruction(Best Caster Necklace I have yet to see)
-Corrupted Gauntlets(T11 Gloves)

Frost Layr King:
-Spudly's hammer of wrath(Very nice for Warriors), Corrupted Legguards(T11 Legs)

Thaddis King:
-Bambams cleaver(Very Nice for warriors or hunters), Corrupted Boots(T11 Feet)

-Kains Invisiblity Cloak(Gives the Imbeller Invisibility for 18 sec. 2min Cooldown)[200 to All stats, 2000 Health, 2000 Mana, 30 to all resistances, Haste(MELEE) 20, 2592 Attack Power(1296 x 2), 1918 Spell Damage(959 x 2)]

-Sinworld's Corpse (Quest)
-Sinworld's Master Disguise (Head)[200 Spirit, 200 Agility, 200 intellect, 200 Strength, 400 Stamina, 2000 HP, 2000 Mana, 1918 Spell damage (959 x 2), 3888(1296 x 3), Haste(MELEE) 20.
-Corrupted Waistguard(T11 Belt)

Pirate's Cave:

-Rhahk'zor's Hammer
-Dragonheart Pendant(Currently the Best melee necklace)
-Lila Cloak(Not very good, seeing as the middle 959 spell damage is a USE and not EQUIP)

Miner Johnson:
-Bed Sheet
-Azure Belt(Currently best caster belt, has close to 4000 spell damage)
-Pickaxe of the Forgotten

-Sword of Brutality(Not a bad sword if you do not have Frostmourne, has around 6000 AP and I think 5000-7000 damage)
-Skull of Unseen Power(Best Caster Trinket, 5000 spell damage or so)

-Drape of the Vanquished Mage(Best Caster Cloak Currently, I use it over donor cloak on my shaman)
-Mallet of Ferocity
-Compass of Relentless Assault(The Best Melee trinket currently, I use it over donor trinket on my rogue)

Mr. Smite:
-Cloak of Brutality(Best Melee Cloak, over 6000 AP)
-Bands of Balance(Best Caster Bracers, around 5000 Spell Damage)
-Bracers of Malicious Intent(Best Melee bracers, over 6000 AP)

Captain Greenskin:
-Cord of the Phoenix(Best Melee Belt, Unsure of AP, over 5000 though.
-Pole of Natural Grace

Edwin VanCleef:
-Band of the Lost Sorcerer
-The Rock
-Malevolent Crusader(Not a bad sword for rogues, descent fast and over 6000 AP)

-Flinger of Doom(Comparable to Kris' Crack Pipe, this is a very nice wand with around 5000 spell damage)
-Bulwark of Defense(Horrible shield)
-Bow of the Malifactor(Not a bad hunter bow before Fodah's Bow of Righteousness)

ZxYarDxZ Plateau:
NOTE: Everything in sunwell drops artifact crystals.

Princess Alexia:
-Hatchet of Seduction
-Weapon of Mass Seduction(Quest)
-The Sleeping Princess(Quest)
-Artifact Crystal

Prince Olaf:
-Fatty's Tenderizing Mallet

Prince Xavius:
-Gun of Greed

Advisor Din'Toan:(I Have not killed this boss enough to see every loot, INPUT NEEDED)
-Blocker of Lazy Tanking

General Zin'Vath:
-SoulStaff(Best Caster Staff)
-Artifact Crystal

King Xerxos:
-VengeSeeking Grip of Wrath(Very nice fist weapon for Rogues, Shamans, Hunters)

Emerald Lava Core:

Lucifrons Chestguard(Tanking Chest)
Lucifrons Sword(Tanking Sword)

Magmadars Gloves of Arcane Enlightenment
Fang of Magmadar
Fallen Hero's Helm
Eye of Magmadar

Mana Mace(Horribad mace with no spell damage)

Elemental Chest
Garr's Fist of Fury

Killed 20 times yet to see anything drop...

Baron Geddon:
Druids HellFire Staff(Horribad staff for Druids only)

Golemagg The Incinerator:
Ninja Chest(Puts you into stealth for 8 on use)

Sulfuron Harbinger:
Sharpshooter's Chest(AWESOME Mail chest witha +10% stats on equip effect)

Majordomo Executus:
Majordomo's Shoulders of Abyssal Fury
FireRat Robe

Ragnaros's Helm of the Abyss(2 Drop)
Staff of Unholy Embers
FireRat Robe
Rastlin's Helm
Ragnaros's Obsidian Core


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