Today pvp event results

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Today pvp event results

Post  Cold on Thu Oct 09, 2008 9:52 am

1st match:

rawr and ahmet vs krax and nokeff winner karx and nokeff
2nd match:

diller and gorgutz vs iris and smenuu winner iris and smenuu
3rd match:

borcard and dement vs bloodlok and streleca winner bocard and dement
4th match:

bocard and dement vs vreel and forevil winner vreel and forevil
5th match:

smenuu and iris vs karx and nokeff winner smenuu and iris
6th and final match:

vreel and forevil vs smenuu and iris winner vreel and forevil

gratz for vreel and forevil for 1st place ......... and smenuu , iris for the 2nd place

good game guys.


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