My Rouge is buged

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My Rouge is buged

Post  deathmeath on Thu Oct 16, 2008 6:23 am

Hi there, i have a problem with my rouge... form time to time all my tallentpoint are gone, supersjoerd sad that i need to try the teleport lady it workt but it still happen several times again...
And i have almoste full donator armour and weapons and still i hit like a pussy (sometime i hit good thou but moste of the time not) lol and other player hit me and im death i a second i dont feel like a donator it look likes i have normal armour insteed... and the bug when u die and use unstuck or come back to life my hit rating crits, energy, armour, HP, etc.... is sooooo low i need to relog than it fine again but it issnt realy plessant to relog every time.

I understand that you guys are verry buzzy making this server optimal, but please take a look of this ty.



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