[3.2.2] Sin-World - Best Funserver - Ever. Join Now.

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[3.2.2] Sin-World - Best Funserver - Ever. Join Now.

Post  zxoxz21 on Sun Oct 11, 2009 7:34 am

~-Legacy of Sin-World-~
-~Where the Fun Have No Limits~-

Sin-World is Back!

It's been 1 year, since it was Closed. Now it's back, and alot of much more features.
We have alot of custom things like:

Website: SinWorld.Hi2.Com
Register Account Page: http://sinworld.hi2.ro/viewpage.php?page_id=3
Discussion Forum: http://sinworld.hi2.ro/forum/index.php

Instant 80.
Custom PvP System!

-Custom Teleporter-
-Custom Vendors-
-Custom Items-
-Custom Instances-
-Custom Raids Instances-
-Custom Boss Scripts-
-Custom Events-

Custom Comming Soon:
-Fun Zones-
-Custom Battlegrounds-
And much more![/color]

[color="YellowGreen"]Alot of custom updates every week.
And much more things.

You will never get bored on Sin-World.
We make every day alot of Events.

We update to Database every day:
-Custom Items-
-Custom Quests-
And all of Custom Things.

Join now, and have FuN!



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