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Post  k1991xhan on Sun Sep 28, 2008 3:03 pm

Gamemaster Application!

Real Name; Casper Svensen
Age; 17 years
Sex; Male
Location; Denmark
In-Game Names; Down & Facedown

daily game time; All days from: 10:00-00:00 Danish time. Friday-Sunday: long time.

Why should you be a GM here: I think I should be a GM here because people need kinda much help, and they need help when no GMs are on-line, and I'm on-line almost every day. I also think I could be a GM here because Im very helpfull, patient and funny guy to play with. Well, i'm make that appy here because it seems to be a very good server and very nice people on it and I want to help as much as I can so the server doesn't die. I've meet really nice people / friends here. And if i make something ingame, i will take it serious and work hard on and get it completed!

Why Do you think you would be a good GM?
Because I am a very helpfull person, and Im a very patient person thats what a good GM should be. I am a person you can trust. I'm that person there lie to other people, im serious about what i say and what i mean.

How should a good GM be?
A good GM should be very patient and very helpfull and likes to have fun with the players, A good GM should also be good at finding buggs and such things.

How many times have you been GM? (And what EMUs? Mangos / Antrix / Ascent?)
I have never been a GM before, thats why i make appy for and be it. and its funny, and help with event and things to other players, so they can have alot fun.

Do you know the GM commands for Antrix/MaNGOS/Ascent?
I don't know any but i can come to.

Are you a loyal player, A player that doesn't destroy for others?
Yes I am a very loyal player, I'm absolutly not a person who want to destroy for other, I want to help the others instead. I'm also really patient with the players.

How good is your english? Can you help People from other countries by talking to them?
My english is Middle good Danish is Very Good, And i only speak English and Danish.

Some General things you do on you freetime?
Find Bugs/Failed in WoW, spending time with my Girlfriend, and of course I play on the server.

Some general information about you?
Well you can ask me, if you wanna know something about me

How can we contact you?
You can contact me on Messenger or E-mail.
E-mail: Arbejdslqshed@hotmail.com
Messenger: Arbejdslqshed@hotmail.com

I have Headset but can't findt it.

Programs i got to talk over;

Skype, Messenger, Teamspeak 2.

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Same for you

Post  Churitz on Mon Sep 29, 2008 9:12 am

Same for you, post applications in 'Contact GM' Razz

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