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Updates after 1 Octomber (NEW) Empty Updates after 1 Octomber (NEW)

Post  Admin on Mon Oct 06, 2008 5:23 am

10 Octomber

reverted 1232. This would not be blizzlike (noob of me to not know about this feature Sad ) and it was not even working for others :O.
Some players joined different instances even more then without the fix Smile (strange that it worked for me )

BG flag rules Fix
small fix to conversion warnings
* lightweight version of AU/lifebloom patch by whoami
+ Reflective shield will reflect all sources properly as well as partially absorbed sources.
when in cross faction group and casting aoe spells or having a pet/totem you should not hit group members
Also beneficial spells are applied as positive and not negative to avoid stacking some spells (BOK as positive and GBOK as negative would stack)
compile fix
fix a compile error from emsy. could u guys eyes on stability and memleak? don't just copy&paste from forum!
to exit the csthread on shutdown
1.looterMaster & Leader could be diffz.
2.for stability.

a fix for some Auras that are not player removable by CMSG_CANCEL_AURA.
This will effect around 100 spells.
battleground / Arena Preparation.
some quest/instance spells.
zone wide buffs for world PvP.
some holiday stuff like...
Ram - Trot
Ram - Canter
Ram - Gallop
Ram Fatigue
Exhausted Ram

+ Cheat Death by acheron and Locuz

Crashfix / *nix warnings fixes
Removed haste limit at AuraModCastingSpeed, should fix an exploit, thx 0x0f7afc68 for reporting
SpellAuraModAttackSpeed shouldn't modify ranged speed too
Updated some enums.
Added Flags6, Flags7,
and for AttributesEx though Flags5 added missing based on a 2.4.3 spell DBC.
Removed double declaration of m_started at Arenas.h, by morz http://arcemu.org/forums/index.php?showtopic=5492

* ravage, mutilate, shred, backstab, ambush, garrote require facing target's back now

This needs to be reworked!

* Stormstrike by Amazing (actually uncommented old commented out code)

*All party members can be watch who took loot.

* "perfect" blink by Kenjiro and Danford

[Rogue] Cold Blood, it was not affecting many abilities, also interrupts on AURA_INTERRUPT_ON_CAST_SPELL as it should. NTY

Donno if any of you noticed but sometimes players are not joining same instance as others. This change is trying to fix that. It's early in the morning so i hope everything goes right. In case there is something i missed then players will get thrown out of instance for example. Also i was able to reproduce this bug with gm commands only so it might not solve the actual bug Very Happy

uncomment the added code in case you wish your players to be able to reset even raid instances anytime (only for self !). This was only a temp fix for the multi instance problem but maybe someone needs it.

Shaman Totem timers

Crashfix by 0x0f7afc68
* Added SetTimeout for SocketOps, i think this should solve the connected problem
* Added netstatus command for console/world
* Warning fixes over SpellEffects.cpp

extending rev 1235 crashfix by 0x0f7afc68. I think there was a logic problem there. The pointout seemed to be good but the fix not. Not sure that was actually a crash issue though.
Problem was with cells that entered pending state and meanwhile they got active. This made them get stuck in pending state and not unload anymore and stay loaded forever.

This should fix bags with stats... stupid bags Razz

Warlock: ( Felsteed / Dreadsteed ) summon visual

- Aura stacking exploit. Can't beleave noone posted this anywhere. You were able to stack ANY aura up to 337 (max auras) times. It was kinda cool to have 330k healing while testing Very Happy
- fix : visible auras refresh their duration client side again. (lol too bad new client changes everything xD )

[Shaman] Elemental Mastery works as it should now
I added a custom interrupt: AURA_INTERRUPT_ON_AFTER_CAST_SPELL, i will probably remove it some time later coze i'm figuring out some procFlags/Attributes stuff related to this.

This is number 1 crash reason on my test realm. It happens on mob despawn or respawn. Please give feadback if you manage to get this console/log output : "We try to remove mob from map and he might have invalid mapcell pointer"

new feature : items with multiple spells on use should be able to trigger all their spells. example : http://www.wowhead.com/?item=30756

There is some WPE exploit to equip any item to any slot using guildbank. Did not had time to reproduce it but maybe this will fix it. Any chance for feedback ?

http://arcemu.org/forums/index.php?showtopic=5587&hl= -> crashfix related to aura updates
Reduced Stormstrike Cost groupRelation

Started to unhack procFlags, added procFlags.txt and new logic on SpellFixes.cpp. It's still unfinished but current tests show that things are working ok
* A bit more unhacking for procFlags at spellfixes
* [Paladin] Seal of blood now gets based on totaldmg done, not on base health
added SPELL_FLAG_IS_MAXSTACK_FOR_DEBUFF to be able to limit MAXaurastack for debuffs too. Right now only Hemorrhage is using it.
removed guildbank item removal check. Need to test this before commit Sad

* [Shaman] Improved Reincarnation works now
* Improved Soul Siphon code, now it uses SKILL_AFFLICTION instead of mask
* Remember to reapply 1016_spellfixes.sql
Yay, leaving before starting the arena wouldn't decrease the players count xD
Crashfix for http://arcemu.org/forums/index.php?showtopic=5159
Minor startup changes to Worldserver.
Minor addition to Spell.cpp this should help some.

* [Hunter] Improved Revive Pet gives the extra 30% hp
* [Warrior] Second Wind now procs on root effects (such as frost nova) thx emsy por poiting this out
* [Mage] Frostbit now only procs on chill effects (not on stun ones too Razz)
* Added some .clear() to some std:: lists/maps, might help with some crashes
* Added QUEST_FLAG_ONLY_ONE_REQUIRED custom flag, which means that the quest only requires only one of the required quests to be complete, use "update quests set flags|= 0x10000 where entry=11111;" for example to update quests with this flag.
** Remember to reapply 1016_spellfixes.sql **

[Priest] Surge of Light, bugfix, it should proc on your spell criticals, not on the enemy ones

1.Group minor fixes (member's panel refresh correctly ,when disband)
2.Common Message of world server gonna be localized with player forcelang marked (just func added)

Old bug,Trading system fixed. Increase & decrease the items(gold) from trading box it will be reset trading status immediately.After that,the trading panel works fine without hang.
and Green Status cleanup while the item changed. (blizzlike)

http://arcemu.org/forums/index.php?showtopic=5192 SpellEffect Add Honor by Gaijin

* Fix for GOs summoning a guardian
* Fixed bad logic in Player::Possess()
* Cleanups
1.continues,still not finished yet Very Happy
2.use some ofitems should bring player standup (like hearthstone)

Crashfix for Object.cpp and some SetFlag related assertions

Fixed the Energy, Mana and Rage problem...they weren't working the way we had it, so I changed it so each one has it's own button.

Added addon stuff back to here...saves me time actually...and updated .mod agility to .mod armor since it's back in Arc again.

NULL checks / crashfixes

Crashfix, we shouldn't apply enchantments to bags Very Happy

Clean up/crash fix

Fixed logic bug on ai movement code, mobs are not that dumb now when moving xD

* If instance_bosses had data for that instance but the boss id wasn't there it wasn't being saved
* Clearing some std:: list/sets on MapMgr.cpp, might fix some crashes
* Packet length correction + cleanup here

* addition to SMSG_PET_SPELLS
* assertion to Pet::CreateAISpell - lets see if this is a source of null spellentry
* skip processing of aispells with null spellentry to avoid crash
* allow pets to learn spells requiring no TPs anytime

Small initalization for Item.cpp, might fix a crash

* Removed --enable-collision, it's useless now.
* For win32 users, remember that now u gotta compile collision_dll always: compile extras/collision/collision_dll/ and place the collision.lib in the win/VC90 dir

http://arcemu.org/forums/index.php?showtopic=5238&hl= -> crashfix

* Crashyfixes
* BuildPvPUpdateDataPacket uses m_teams now, it's much cleaner this way

* [Rogue] Aggression now affects backstab
* Reapply 1016_spellfixes.sql
http://arcemu.org/forums/index.php?showtopic=4794 Combat table fix. v2 by instinkt

* SMSG_TRADE_STATUS_EXTENDED: packet length tweak, added gem enchantments, stacks -> charges
* compile warning fix

Fully done. *MultiLanguage supports extended.
1.MapTitle could be lang localized.(sql uploaded)
2.Serverside text from worldserver could be lang localized.(sql uploaded,but empty I'll finish it soon)
3.Bulit-in broadcast system finished and it could be lang localized too (sql uploaded,see also arcemu-optional.conf)

awesome ,player can see broadcast message with they own language.

* Casters may now cast at max range
* http://arcemu.org/forums/index.php?showtopic=5321 disable blink before a battleground/arena has been started by ritualist
* Blink now will not place you under ground

Some initializations/ASSERTs over Pet.cpp

instinkt's fix to his fix for combattables Wink
[Crash Fix] Null Faction Crash. - some more sanity checking
ty ActioN & 0x0f7afc68

Attack power correction


My first commit.
Fix for .gps's displayed ZoneId.

SummonPetDamageModFix - thanks whoami


Warrior - Execute
thanks instinkt
http://arcemu.org/forums/index.php?showtopic=5329&hl= -> item buy error codes

http://arcemu.org/forums/index.php?showtopic=5331&hl= -> Thunderfury/Intimidating Shout wrong procs

http://arcemu.org/forums/index.php?showtopic=5326&hl= -> opening chests removes stealth. Is this correct ? Very Happy

Some deinitialization stuff related to MapMgr, might fix some crashes when unloading maps

* Crashfixes and cleanup, should fix http://arcemu.org/forums/index.php?showtopic=5388 and http://arcemu.org/forums/index.php?showtopic=5406
* Dual Wielding exploit fix, don't load skill line if character doesn't has dual wield spell
* [Hunter] Ferocious Inspiration should proc of normal attacks as well

Crashfix for http://arcemu.org/forums/index.php?showtopic=5412 and cleanup

* Crashfix for http://arcemu.org/forums/index.php?showtopic=5358
* Cleanup

crash fixes

* Elite mobs have no range check outside instances anymore
* Increased non-elite mobs range to 100yr outside instances, gotta check how blizzlike this really is, but seems better like this

+ Changes in Aura::SpellAuraPeriodicTriggerSpell(), this will resolve casting spells with this effect on friendly targets as well as spells w/o specified range. (Abolish Poison, ...)
+ Added proper targets to Creeping Paralysis proc ( Zul'jin spell )

Small corrections to rev1188
+ added collision check for type 6 chained spells ( multi-shot, chain lightning, chain heal, ...)
+ Pets/totems should be able to attack same faction in arenas and duels

* in_front_status check is based on DBC values
- also removed 9000 lines of these fixes from SpellFixes.cpp
+ little change to prevent bad data pulling from ai_agents table.

+ Natural Perfection, Focused Will and Blessed Resilience will proc on spell and ranged crits
+ Blessed Recovery will proc on ranged cirts

Threading cleanups.

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